Mobile Computing

Implicit, Natural and Touching Interaction (NFC & RFID)

Smart environments through implicit identification (RFID) and natural contact interactions (NFC)

Activity recognition through smartphones and environmental sensors

Behaviour, special needs, gait, fall detection, among others

Mobile Computing for Education (m-learning)

Personalized and adapted educational technology based on mobility and ubiquitous computing

What we do

Mobile Computing allows new perspectives of human-computer interaction without having to be connected to a fixed physical link. MAmI Research Lab is focused on two related areas: m-health and m-learning.

m-Health is an emerging area that is transforming the way people participate in managing their health. This vision is changing the traditional processes in hospitals and health centers. There are significant benefits to be gained from continuous monitoring but, to transform this vision into reality, some factors need to be addressed, such as the fact that health applications need to be shared by patients and hospital staff to carry out proper supervised monitoring.