ALIADO. Alzheimer Intelligent Ambient Domotic System

ALIADO. Alzheimer Intelligent Ambient Domotic System

Ministerio de Industria FIT-350300-2007-86

From 2008 to 2009

Alzheimer’s patients need a widespread attention by assistants due to the disorders of memory and orientation they present. However, the knowledge of each daily patient is sometimes deficient. Assistants have no time to supervise patients’ records because they doesn’t have to distract the attention of care. In this work we present a proposal to solve this problem.

A complement to support the information manages routine by adapting the Near Field Communication Technology is offered. By means of touching tags with mobile phones, day centre assistants make it possible via tags placed through context, it means, patients, places, devices and applications. With this simple interaction, some aspects of the routine in this kind of context: basic status patient information, orientation, doors’ security, therapy and other activities can be solved.

In addition, this proposal conclude with an information filtering process with the purpose of reaching an easy interaction method with mobile phones and providing recommendation to assistants and family. Finally, this process offers the adequately information to physicians.

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